Here’s the first look at a new monster in ‘The Witcher’ season 2
(Credit: Netflix)

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Here’s the first look at a new monster in 'The Witcher' season 2

The Witcher season two is slated for a December premiere. Recently, Netflix released a brand new teaser trailer that features one of the many monsters that Geralt of Rivia will be seen fighting this season. 

The short clip shows Henry Cavill, as the valiant Geralt, fighting against a giant bug that frankly looks pretty disgusting. Called a Myriapod, this mutant monster is seen attacking the Witcher in the forest. 

However, Geralt is seen using his sword and a Queen to fight against the monster. The latter forms an impenetrable shield that he uses to protect himself. His weapon also shines a brilliant orange glow that might have powers to ward off the monstrous beast. 

Those who are familiar with The Witcher video games can vouch for the various other gruesome and dangerous monsters that abound the series. One of the most prominent ones is the Viy of Maribor which might make an appearance this season. These monsters are what our nightmares are made of. 

While fans are eagerly waiting for these action sequences that were all shot by Cavill leading to a fatal injury, the season will see four new characters that we have detailed in our article about the upcoming season. Read here to find out everything about the upcoming season. 

The second season will show Geralt bringing Princess Cirri to his childhood den of Kaer Morhen while lamenting Yennfer’s alleged death. While being Cirri’s mentor, he has to guide her to find her destiny while fending themselves against the various threats that lie around them. 

The cast has already teased an exciting season and fans cannot wait to revel in Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s creative brilliance. 

Watch the teaser below: