Henry Cavill talks serious injury on Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ set
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Henry Cavill talks serious injury on Netflix’s 'The Witcher' set

While reception has been mixed for many of Netflix’s attempts to be a part of the gaming world, the adaptation of Andrzej Spkowki’s acclaimed novel series The Witcher, from which the popular video games was adapted, led to Lauren Schmidt Hissrich adapting the same into the popular eponymous Netflix series, starring Henry Cavill. 

Cavill, who has also reprised the role of Superman in Man of Steel, takes his job extremely seriously. An avid gamer in real life, Cavill always wanted to do proper justice to his role as the titular protagonist and went beyond his means while shooting the stunt sequences, insisting on doing them alone

These sequences involved heavy action sequences with umpteen sword fights, combats and more that saw the valiant Geralt of Rivia sustaining brutal injuries while putting up a brilliant fight. However, the actor recently opened up about one such injury on the sets of The Witcher season two that could have cost him his burgeoning action film career. 

Cavill suffered a severe hamstring tear that led to a lengthy recovery process. 

“It was a very, very bad tear, and I was very lucky that it wasn’t a complete detachment of the hamstring,” he said. 

Cavill is known for battling various insecurities about his body and pushing his limits to stay in shape. Such an injury is absolutely nightmarish for an actor of his stature and he recently opened up about the various kinds of challenges he faced during the recovery that required him to rest aplenty. 

“The difficulty was working while I was injured. Because I wanted to do more for the production — I know how important it was for them to get stuff done,” said the actor, before continuing, “So it was having to find that balance between, ‘Yes, let’s push, push, push,’ and, ‘Whoa, hold on, if I tear this further, it’s the end of my action career.’ That was my worst moment of the past year — professionally.”

Cavill has recovered since then and his career is on an all-time high. He will be seen in Enola Holmes 2 as well as the Highlander franchise in prominent roles. 

The Witcher season two is scheduled for a December 17 release on Netflix. 

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