Netflix’s The Witcher 2 to see Geralt’s controversial relationship
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Netflix’s The Witcher 2 to see Geralt’s controversial relationship

After an intense first season, The Witcher is set to return to Netflix for its second season on 17th December 2021, where we shall get to see Henry Cavill engage in much more impactful action to protect Princess Ciri.  

Created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and based on the eponymous book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, the series amassed a wide cult-like following due to the incorporation of a wide variety of fantasy and supernatural elements. Following the end of season one, the anticipation for The Witcher season two skyrocketed. 

In the first season, after the third episode aired, fans were invested in the course Geralt and Triss’ relationship would take. Although their fling was rather insignificant and transient in the books, the game trilogy developed it to a higher level and Triss was his main love interest in the first two-game series. An image from the upcoming season has sparked rumours regarding their relationship. 

Geralt, who is unaware of Yennefer being alive, presumes her to have died at Sodden. He might engage in a torrid romance with Triss, building up to a few intimate scenes. 

Fans are also not aware of whether Triss knows about Yennefer surviving or if she is simply withholding the information to gain Geralt’s undivided attention. If she is playing the situation to her advantage, it will not be surprising given her obvious interest in the witcher as depicted in the books where she even resorted to using magic to seduce him. 

If Netflix decides to follow the books and the games to show a jealous Triss trying to keep Geralt to herself, by all means, it would only hint that the streamer would play on this and take it a notch further. However, Geralt and Yennefer will most likely reunite towards the end of the season. 

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