Everything we know about Adam Sandler Netflix film ‘Hustle’
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Everything we know about Adam Sandler Netflix film 'Hustle'

Directed by Jeremiah Zagar, the upcoming Netflix sports comedy, Hustle stars Adam Sandler and others in prominent roles. After his huge collaborative success with Netflix on projects like Uncut gems, Murder Mystery, Huboie Halloween and others, Sandler is set to make a return as a jaded basketball scout who finds a gifted yet troubled player and sets out to make history at the NBAs. 

Zagar has received several awards and nominations in the past for his 2018 film, We the Animals. He will be joined by Taylor Materne and Will Fetters in writing the script. Fetters is an Oscar nominee, known for his incredible work in A Star is Born

Produced by Sandler’s Happy Madison production company, NBA legend LeBron James and his company is serving as co-producers as well. 

Ahead of the film’s release, here is everything we know about the Adam Sandler Netflix film, Hustle

Everything we know about Adam Sandler Netflix film ‘Hustle’

When will Hustle begin streaming on Netflix? 

According to the teaser trailer, the film is slated for a global premiere on Netflix on Friday, June 10th, 2022. 

What is Hustle all about? 

This upcoming sports comedy will see a jaded basketball scout named Stanley Beren and how he attempts to resuscitate his career in a unique manner he discovers a generational Spanish talent with a tumultuous life who has the potential of becoming the next big NBA star. 

Beren dedicates himself to training this kid, named Bo Cruz, and thus begins the journey of this coach-protege duo who must dream together to achieve their goals. 

Who are the cast members in Hustle

Adam Sandler stars as the jaded scout Beren he has been a part of the production since May 2020. Hustle is one of many sports comedies in Dandler’s illustrious career as the actor himself is a massive sports fan. 

He will be joined by real-life Spanish basketball player, Juancho Hernangomex, who shall portray the amateurish Bo Cruz.

Queen Latifah, seen in films like The Equalizer, Chicago and more, will play the female lead alongside Sandler. 

Veteran actor Robert Duvall, known for Tender Mercies and Apocalypse Now, will join the rest of the ensemble that includes Ben Foster, Maria Botto, Jordan Hull, Kenny Smith and Ainhoa Pillet. 

Where was Hustle shot? 

Adam Sandler’s Hustle entered post-production in October 2020. They wrapped up production by the end of 2020 in Philadelphia, US, where the majority of the film has been shot.