This terrible Adam Sandler film is climbing up  Netflix charts
(Credit: Netflix)


This terrible Adam Sandler film is climbing up Netflix charts

While Adam Sandler is indeed one of the funniest comedians with a knack for improv comedy and incredible comic timing, one of his hilariously awful films has now started climbing up Netflix charts. 

Sandler, who has starred in multiple fun comedies, namely Grown Ups, 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore and more, this particular film is indeed not one of his best, with a flimsy 31 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the Netflix viewers seem to have taken quite the liking to it and are having fun gorging on it. 

A remake of the eponymous 1974 film (later retitled to The Mean Machine), Peter Segal’s 2005 flick The Longest Yard stars Sandler alongside Chris Rock, James Cromwell, Burt Reynolds, Nelly, Terry Crews and William Fichtner in prominent roles. 

The film follows Sandler as Paul Crewe, a jaded former football superstar whose once-luminous career ended on disgraceful terms. After an irresponsible drunk driving accident lands him in jail with plenty of sadistic prison guards, Paul finds out about the Warden who specifically requested to have him under his regime, aware of Paul’s former revered skills. 

Paul is tasked with the job of assembling a team of convicts for a play-off against the guards where the latter can inflict pain on the convicts ruthlessly. In this challenge, Paul is supported by the legendary Nate Scarborough in his coaching efforts and becomes the driving force behind this dysfunctional team, leading them to possible victory even in a rigged game.

Upon release, the film had been a huge attraction among the crowds, amassing a whopping $191 million revenue at the box office. However, it soon faded away from the minds of fans who found it to be quite phoney and forgettable in comparison to the original. The quirks and edginess of humour slowly lost their charm throughout the film, failing to live up to expectations. 

However, it seems to have struck a chord with the viewers at Netflix who are having a gala time bingeing on Sandler’s film, basking in the nostalgia of slapstick humour and hilarity.

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