Adam Sandler stars in the new trailer for sports drama ‘Hustle’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Adam Sandler stars in the new trailer for sports drama 'Hustle'

Adam Sandler is one of the most fascinating acting talents of our time, known for his participation in films that are on the complete opposite ends of the quality spectrum. While Sandler has delivered powerhouse performances in modern masterpieces such as Punch-Drunk Love and Uncut Gems, his latest project was the terrible Hubie Halloween.

For Sandler, that was part of the plan because he was protesting against being snubbed by the Academy for his brilliant starring turn in the Safdie brothers’ Uncut Gems. “If I don’t get it, I’m going to fucking come back and do one again that is so bad on purpose just to make you all pay. That’s how I get them,” Sandler declared on the Howard Stern show.

It is clear that Sandler is capable of being a master of his craft but his image as a peddler of mediocre comedies has solidified in the minds of audiences and critics who cannot see him any other way. However, Sandler is returning to the drama genre for his new project which will feature him as a basketball scout.

Sandler is no stranger to sports films, having played an ungrateful golf genius in Happy Gilmore as well as a professional footballer in The Longest Yard. At first glance, this seems like another protest project by Sandler who is probably holding out for another Uncut Gems to come his way but we might be in for a serious dramatic performance.

Titled Hustle, the film will follow Sandler’s adventures as he tries to salvage his career by recruiting an international player with a dubious past life for the NBA. It will also star the likes of Ben Foster and Queen Latifah among others. Directed by Jeremiah Zagar, the film will be available for streaming on Netflix from June 10th.

Watch the trailer for Hustle below.