5 things to know about Netflix’s ‘You’ season 3
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5 things to know about Netflix's 'You' season 3

Created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, and adapted from Caroline Kepnes’ novel, You is an unsettling and disturbing Netflix series that has won millions of hearts worldwide. Netflix recently dropped an intense trailer ahead of the premiere date of Netflix’s You Season 3 on October 15th on the streaming platform. 

The show revolves around a seemingly harmless bookstore clerk who hides his dangerous and perverse stalker-like tendencies from the rest of the world beneath his humbling exterior. He grows obsessed with people and often resorts to inexplicable psychopathic behaviour and gruesome homicides to manipulate the situation to his advantage. 

The show features the likes of Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in lead roles. Penn Badgley, whom we remember as Dan Humphrey in the teen drama series Gossip Girl, is petrifying in his portrayal of Joe Goldberg. On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Badgley went on to explain how he came up with the expressionless yet frightening version of Goldberg. “I arrive on the mark…I do nothing but look up. And the entire crew behind the camera goes ‘Oh! Whoa, man. That is phenomenal. That is so creepy.’ And I did nothing.”

Ahead of the release of You Season 3 on Netflix, we watched the trailer and found out five things that you need to know before watching the new series.

5 things we can derive from Netflix’s You season 3 trailer

Never fall for Joe Goldberg 

Joe Goldberg is psychotic. He is creepy, cold, sadistic and vile. Sure he has a sexy, brooding smirk but when he puts that face on, you should technically run for your life, move to the other side of the world and live under an alias lest he manages to catch you.

Goldberg is a certified stalker with voyeuristic tendencies, severe God complex and resides in a delusional world. 

Don’t get attracted to his smouldering gaze because his ugly thoughts are usually enough to make you stay away from Joe. portrayed in a perfectly petrifying way by Penn Badgley whose empty stares are extremely haunting, the character is bad news. Wherever he goes, trouble follows as he is completely engrossed in the perverse thoughts that make him want to possess the one he “loves”. 

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The battle of the psychos 

After unleashing hell on Beck and dismantling her peaceful life in season one, Joe started obsessing over Love, a character played by Victoria Pedretti.

Love, who initially comes off as a sweet, happy-go-lucky character, and makes us feel anxious for her safety, slowly reveals her true self. She is as psychotic as Joe, if not more so. Love will stop at nothing to gain his unbridled attention. She is willing to stain her hands with the blood of women with whom she might have to share Joe. 

Love and Joe are a match made in heaven ( or is it hell?). However, the third season trailer gives an insight into their relationship where Joe reveals how he was forced to marry “the monster” aka Love. After their marriage, they must learn to keep their psychotic vulnerability at bay while trying to figure out parenting. Badgley, in an interview, had promised a violent season where the dynamic duo will essentially be “each other’s arch-nemesis”.

Joe is still obsessed with underwear 

When Joe grows obsessed with a certain woman, he tends to collect her underwear and take a whiff. Beck found hers in a box, Joe was shown collecting Love’s as well. In the third season trailer, Joe will most likely collect his neighbour’s underwear who seems to be his newest obsession. Love looks shaken up and pretty mad when she stumbles upon it. What ensues next is a stormy set of montages that often sees Love breaking out into violent fits of rage while Joe looks on, scared. 

Joe has a love for people’s personal items. Who will explain how expensive underwear are to this man? Besides, it is insanely creepy, to say the least, to see him collecting personal items without their consent and somehow deriving comfort from them. Joe’s innate desire to hold on to these women, to possess them and to continuously oversee their actions pushes him to do so. 

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A baby won’t make Joe a better man

 The teaser trailer for You season three saw Goldberg conveying his desires of being a better man, one who would be worthy of setting an example for his son, Henry to look up to.

While we are not sure if we are excited for a child born out of Love and joe’s union to grace the world (god bless his babysitters), we had an iota of hope that the arrival of a child might change their ways. Goldberg’s sultry and enticing voice seems to be a stream of consciousness thought as he tries to allegedly mend his ways. 

However, the trailer says otherwise. The trailer shows Love and Joe attending couples therapy due to their violent, narcissistic outbursts. Later, they are seen teaming up to make the “best team” to dispose of a body. Their child sits near the ditch as they bury the body. Scary? Yes!

Will the child have severe psychological damage and grow up with the same destructive tendencies? A 100% yes!

The third season will put seasons 1 and 2 to shame 

The first two seasons of You were disturbing, vile and unsettling. We loathed Goldberg and Henderson, hoped for Love to die and sincerely hoped for someone to save Beck and Candace. Joe’s sociopathic tendencies and terrifying antics sent audience members into a frenzy. We constantly checked our doors and windows lest a creepy cap-adorning Goldberg appears. 

However, season three will most likely put the first other seasons to shame. It has a far more riveting and intense premise now that two dangerous psychopaths have managed to somehow marry one another and wreak even more havoc. Since Joe and Love will now have a child, we speculate that their means of shutting down suspicions will be far more extreme and brutal.

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s You Season 3 below: