Watch the new teaser trailer for Netflix’s ‘You’ season 3
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the new teaser trailer for Netflix’s 'You' season 3

The first glimpse of Joe Goldberg in season 3 is here. Netflix dropped the teaser trailer announcing the third season of You. It will stream on the platform from October 15, 2021, and it is as enticing and scary as ever.

Imagine having the psychotic Joe Goldberg and his equally twisted girlfriend Love as parents. That’s going to be one messed up kid, and now we have a name for him. It is a boy, and Joe has named him Henry, a name that he hopes will not attract unwanted attention. 

The second season ended with Joe spying on his neighbour yet again while moving into his new home with his heavily pregnant girlfriend Love, played by Victoria Pedretti. Now, the third season will have a mini-Joe Goldberg, and we are beyond terrified. 

In the teaser, Penn Badgley’s enticing and sultry voice is nothing less than poetic as he lets us into his thoughts and conscience about his son and how he wants to become a man Henry will look up to proudly. The blood splatter on the cake says otherwise.

Badgley bakes a cake with vanilla frosting and blood-red icing. As he moves through the baking procedure in a slow, tantalising manner, the red icing oozes through the cracks of the cake much like blood, indicating a bloodier and more gruesome third season.

Will Goldberg resort to his old ways, or will he really change for the better? The teaser gives off creepy vibes, and we cannot help but wonder if the child will start wielding a knife ever since his birth. 

With a dangerous trio now residing as a family, nobody is safe anymore.

Watch the creepy teaser below and be prepared for some mind-boggling revelations this season: