You Season 3: Netflix release date and everything we know so far
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You Season 3: Netflix release date and everything we know so far

“See you, neighbour!”

Created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, and adapted from Caroline Kepnes’ novel, You is an unsettling and disturbing Netflix series that has won millions of hearts worldwide. The series revolves around Joe Goldberg, a young and handsome bookstore clerk,  who grows increasingly obsessed with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail)  and tries hard to woo her by manipulating the events around her, often resorting to gruesome homicides and inexplicable psychopathic behaviour. 

Joe escapes to Los Angeles under the alias of Will Bettelheim for the second season and takes up a job in a grocery store where his encounter with Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), a widow, leaves him smitten as she is seemingly interested in him. Having learnt from his past mistakes, Joe (now Will), tries to engage in a ‘normal’ friendship with Love. However, the ghosts of his past come back from the dead (literally) and force him to resort to violent measures once again to prevent his past deeds from tainting his new image. 

Penn Badgley, whom we remember as Dan Humphrey in the teen drama series Gossip Girl, is petrifying in his portrayal of Joe Goldberg. On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Badgley went on to explain how he came up with the expressionless yet frightening version of Goldberg. “I arrive on mark…I do nothing but lookup. And the entire crew behind the camera goes ‘Oh! Whoa, man. That is phenomenal. That is so creepy.’ And I did nothing.”  

After ending the second season of the series with a cliffhanger, the makers of You have been teasing fans with tidbits regarding the upcoming season of the show. To appease the fans’ curiosity regarding the third season, we decided to enlist everything we know about You season 3. 

You Season 3: Everything we know so far

Have they renewed You for a third season? 

Greg Berlanti and Sera gamble are returning as showrunners for the third season that was being actively developed prior to the release of season two. The season shall be filmed in California. On January 14, 2020, the series officially released a teaser that made fans go ballistic. It said, “New Year, New You.

The You writers are active Twitterattis now, with their personal Twitter handle that actively chronicles their progress and gives fans their daily dose of exciting sneak peeks into what goes into adding an extra dimension of creepiness to Joe Goldberg.

What to expect in You season 3? 

Season two was a wild ride. Love turned out to be as psychotic as Joe/Will. She not only outwitted Joe/Will by telling him how she anticipated his movements and actions and played along due to her immense love for him but also got her brother killed. After strange revelations, season two ended with a climactic cliffhanger when Joe, while moving into a new house in the suburbs with a heavily Love, spies on his new victim who is his neighbour. 

While the third season is set to adapt Kepnes’ Hidden Bodies, the writers have teased the first episode by sharing the picture of the first page of the script titled “And They Lived Happily Ever After”. It is directed by Silver Tree and written by the mastermind duo who are responsible for Goldberg’s terrifying antics. 

While season 2 was based on the same novel, season 3 will be a continuation that shall, according to Penn Badgley’s speculations, delve deeper into Joe’s past and the repressed childhood memories that triggered the sociopathic tendencies in him. Gamble has further stirred tension among fans by talking about how interesting and “exciting” the idea for the third season is; so much so that allegedly people discuss it in the writer’s room every day. 

(Credit: Netflix)

Has production started? 

According to their updates, the third season was still under construction in March 2020 and they were supposed to resume shooting in the summer. However, the coronavirus pandemic delayed production for an unprecedented amount of time.

You season three, however, started filming in early November of last year and would continue till late April 2021. The set has allegedly been following Covid protocols to the T. 

Who are the You cast members?

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti are surely back onboard. However, there is an interesting lineup of new characters and here is a complete list of people who shall be seen in the third season of You

  • Penn Badgley as Will
  • Victoria Pedretti as Love
  • Saffron Burrows as Love’s mother, Dottie 
  • Tati Gabrielle as Marienne
  • Ben Mehl as Dante
  • Dylan Arnold as Theo
  • Michaela McManus as Natalie
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Kiki
  • Chris O’Shea as Andrew
  • Christopher Sean as Brandon
  • Jack Fisher as Young Joe Goldberg
  • Mauricio Lara as Paulie
  • Mackenzie Astin as Gil
  • Ayelet Zurer as Dr Chandra
  • Bryan Safi as Jackson
  • Scott Speedman as Matthew 
  • Travis VanWinkle as someone very close to Joe, name yet to be announced 
  • Shalita Grant as Sonja 
  • Matthew Trent Hunnicutt as a teacher, name yet to be announced 

When Netflix release You season 3? 

Since the season will conclude filming in and around April 2021, the season might be available for streaming from July 2021 to the end.

Will Joe Goldberg arrive as the most dreaded Christmas present? Only time will tell. 

Watch the trailer for You season 3: