5 Netflix Original films that really do not need a sequel
(Credit: Netflix)


5 Netflix Original films that really do not need a sequel

Netflix has a wide array of Netflix Original films and shows. Shows like Stranger Things, Money Heist, Bridgerton and Squid Game, and films like Red Notice, Bird Box, The Adam Project and others, have amassed massive revenue and fan following for the streamer. Such was their success, fans also demanded immediate sequels, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the same. 

However, Netflix has recently lost a lot of subscribers due to the unsolicited subscription price hike in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Australia. While they promised a better quality of content, the curve has been exponentially downward for them and the streamer has been tumbling down a slippery slope of failures. The streamer has thus decided to make economical decisions by cancelling some popular shows, much to the chagrin of fans. 

We would like to bring to Netflix’s notice, however, a list of Original films that are pathetic investments. Unfunny, boring, long-drawn and in rare cases, sociologically degrading and harmful, these productions need not be continued if the streamer wants to better its reputation. For example, a horrid film like 365 Days should have never got a sequel, let alone two, but Netflix thought of tapping the horny, bored audience and their dry sex lives, but to no avail! 

As Netflix continues to lose in terms of stock prices, there are certain films that do not need to be invested in for a sequel. Here are 5 such Netflix Original films that really do not need or deserve a sequel: 

5 Netflix Original films that really do not need a sequel

He’s All That – Mark Waters, 2021

In 2021, Mark Waters created a gender-swapped version of the iconic 90s teen film She’s All That starring Tanner Buchanan and Addison Rae. While Robert Iscove’s film in the 1990s was a cult favourite, R. Lee Fleming’s flimsy script made the Waters film ruin the essence of the original. 

With an abundance of cliche tropes, the film seems like an advert for various skincare and chips brands. Even Kourtney Kardashian’s surprise cameo cannot resuscitate the film from being the absolute disaster that it is, presenting a hyperreal version of Hollywood high schools and unrealistic beauty standards. The film is also a kind reminder to Rae to stick to TikTok challenges and never take up acting. 

365 Days – Tomasz Mandes, Barbara Bialowas, 2020 

Based on Blanka Lipinska’s novel trilogy, Netflix has decided to make three films in this franchise, much to the chagrin of the sane audiences. While the first film was a blatant glorification of Stockholm syndrome, kidnapping and glamorisation of rape, the second film felt like a subscription to a porn site as it presented copious amounts of sex scenes and loose plot narratives. 

Spiritless and boring, the films are absolutely ridiculous. We are already dreading the return of the third film and sincerely hope that Netflix will not try and milk this resentment by adding more films to the franchise. The streamer should realise how detrimental the content is as it simply appeals to the minds of teenage boys and implants in their heads the wrong ideas regarding sex and consent. 

The Kissing Booth – Vince Marcello, 2018

Based on Beth Reekles’ novels, the film franchise has three films to its name. Starring Joey King, Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney, the films revolve around Ellem a quirky teenager in high school who is desperately in love with her best friend’s older brother, and soon finds herself in a  mess of love triangles, heartbreaks and other teenage insecurities. 

While the first two films of the franchise were still bearable, the third film was an overstretch and simply made it appear a lot more boring and a lot less fun. Should Marcello think of continuing Elle’s story as a video gaming executive, we would want him to focus on her solely and not her stupid crush on Noah, just for the sake of character development. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre David Blue Garcia, 2022

Was it really necessary to try and reach the cult-like following of a pop-cultural icon like Leatherface and do an immense disservice to the serial killer’s indelible persona, the way this Netflix Original did? The answer is obviously a resounding no.

Starring Mark Burnham as the legendary Leatherface with an updated mask but a lot less harrowing presence, the cast also includes Sarah Yarkin, Jacob Latimore, Elsie Fisher, Moe Dunford and others. 

With abysmal ratings and an even more flimsy plot, the film is an embarrassment to the slasher legacy of Tobe Hooper and his original 1974 film, which serves as a prequel to this pathetic slasher. It is a sincere request to Netflix to simply leave our favourite cult classics alone and focus on new, creative avenues. 

The Princess Switch – Michael Rohl, 2018

With Vanessa Hudgens in the lead with a knack for playing various versions of her doppelgangers, this beloved film franchise has three films to its name. Although it is a significantly better release than most in this list and quite adorable as well, the overused tropes and narratives are simply getting a bit more mundane by each passing film. 

Usually set during Christmas, the films are cute love stories with Hudgens’ characters at the centre, usually aiding one another to solve a particular conflict. The overall Yuletide spirit and Hudgens’ undeniable charm have made the three films bearable and admittedly sappy yet fun. However, we sincerely hope that Rohl will stop here and no longer make us question “How many Hudgens is too many Hudgens?”