‘Squid Game’ creator confirms his next project to be “more violent”
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘Squid Game’ creator confirms his next project to be “more violent”

Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has recently confirmed the arrival of his new project and has teased fans by saying that it will be “more violent” than the Netflix series

The South Korean filmmaker is set to develop a feature film that will be highly “controversial”, according to him. The film is based on Italian essayist Umberto Eco’s novel. Currently, the film has a working title of Killing Old People Club or K.O. Club

From the title, we can presume that the film will be about a club of deranged maniacs who probably seek pleasure from killing old people? Hwang joked about how he would have to hide from old people following the film’s release as he would indeed incur their displeasure. Currently, the filmmaker has written a 25-page treatment for the film. 

Hwang is known for films like Silenced, Miss Granny and the Fortress, which are available for streaming on Netflix. Although the films are not within the same genre, they provide a social commentary on various issues, including rape and abuse in Silenced, where a teacher attempts to expose the dark side of a deaf school where systemic abuse against children occurs. 

K.O. Club will probably follow suit and have an equally unsettling yet honest narrative. Hwang became a worldwide sensation with his 2021 survival thriller Korean series Squid Game. The show starred Lee Jung-Jae, Jung Ho-Yeon, Park Hae-Soo, O Yeong-Su etc. 

Squid Game made history when O Yeong-Su became the first-ever Korean actor to win a Golden Globe, and Lee Jung-Jae, and Jung Ho-Yeon followed suit at the SAG Awards.  

The dystopian show was set in modern-day Korea, where 456 participants were seen participating in extreme survival games that were a perverse and gruesome version of games they played as children. As they let go of their humanity for staggering prize money of 45.6 billion Korean Won, the series served as a harsh critique of capitalism, financial crises, society and moral depravity, power struggle and class conflict. 

Although the show initially struggled to get picked for nearly a decade, it finally found its home on Netflix. Squid Game became one of the most successful Netflix Originals, garnering them massive revenue and exposing the world to the brilliance of South Korean original content.

Extremely disturbing and violent, the show has been renewed for a second season which the filmmaker will soon begin writing. He has often teased details about the upcoming season, adding to fan anticipation.