Showrunner Sera Gamble shares update on ‘You’ season 3
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Showrunner Sera Gamble shares update on 'You' season 3

Created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble and adapted from Caroline Kepnes’ novel, You has captured the hearts and minds of Netflix viewers across the world. Enthralled by the first two seasons of the hit show, audiences are excited that the next season is now not so far away.

Gamble has now updated fans who will be pleased to know that season three is just around the corner. The co-creator has taken to Instagram to reveal that the final draft for the upcoming season’s tenth episode has been finished. This update suggests that filming is now almost finished. If the tenth episode has already reached this stage, we can make a pretty accurate guess that the programme has already reached an advanced production stage.

Although there is no date yet in place for the third series, it’s not entirely impossible to rule it out arriving on the streaming service in 2021. While the third season is set to adapt Kepnes’ Hidden Bodies, the writers have teased the first episode by sharing the picture of the first page of the script titled “And They Lived Happily Ever After”. It is directed by Silver Tree and written by the mastermind duo responsible for Goldberg’s terrifying antics. 

While season two was based on the same novel, season three will be a continuation that shall, according to Penn Badgley’s speculations, delve deeper into Joe’s past and the repressed childhood memories that triggered the sociopathic tendencies in him.

Gamble has further stirred tension among fans by talking about how interesting and “exciting” the idea for the third season is; so much so that allegedly people discuss it in the writer’s room every day. 

The pandemic has held back the series, with the third season being in construction since March 2020 with plans to resume shooting in the summer scuppered. The coronavirus pandemic delayed production for an incredibly long time. You season three did begin filming in early November of last year and is set scheduled to conclude at the end of this month.