‘WitcherCon’ announced by Netflix for premiere in July
(Credit: Netflix)


'WitcherCon' announced by Netflix for premiere in July

The Witcher has come a long way since its video game debut on PC in 2007, having sprung its own groundbreaking title in 2015s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt before its television debut in 2019. Now, Netflix and video game developer CD Projekt Red have revealed new information regarding the inaugural edition of ‘WitcherCon’.

The virtual event will bring together fans from each corner of The Witcher fan base, from those who read Andrzej Sapkowski’s original fantasy novels, to supporters of the continuing video game franchise. The virtual event, featuring exclusives and insights into the future of the series, will premiere at 7pm CEST (6pm BST) on July 9, with a second stream at 3am CEST (2am BST) the following day. Both streams will show off exclusive content, with the show available to watch online at Youtube or Twitch.

Exclusive content includes breaking news, exclusive behind the scenes content, and exciting ‘reveals’ for the series’ future, a press release from the event states that the event will be: “A variety of entertaining and interactive panels spotlighting the people who brought The Witcher to life in-game and on-screen.”

Though some details are tight-lipped, it is very likely that we’ll see more information about the upcoming mobile game The Witcher: Monster Slayer, as well as the anime spinoff film, Nightmare Of The Wolf and of course, details regarding the second series of the Netflix show.

Starring Henry Cavill in the lead role as Geralt of Rivia (AKA The Witcher), alongside Anna Shaffer’s Triss, and Freya Allan’s Ciri, the story follows a lonely monster hunter struggling to find peace with himself and those around him. It’s a campy, fantastical and highly enjoyable medieval romp.

With filming on the shows second series having begun in October last year, we expect a release date to be announced very soon, particularly following the release of the latest cryptic teaser, suggesting a dark and violent second series…