Why ‘Stranger Things’ had to re-write Steve Harrington
(Credit: Netflix)

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Why ‘Stranger Things’ had to re-write Steve Harrington

Netflix is finally releasing the first volume of Stranger Things season four on May 27th, 2022, after an excruciatingly long wait. The cast and the crew relentlessly teased the fans with updates from the upcoming season. 

Created by the Duffer brothers, this 2016 show is a nostalgic ode to the 1980s. Weaved within a Stephen King-like premise that abounds in monsters, interdimensional time travel, sci-fi elements, the show sees a group of brave kids on bicycles desperate to save their friend. 

Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, David Harbour, Gaten Matarazzo, Winona Ryder, Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin and others, the show is celebrated for its immense popularity and for resurrecting the sci-fi genre to its fullest glory. 

While Stranger Things has a wide variety of characters, Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington has been celebrated by fans due to the layered complexities of the role. Originally pitched as the classic bully, Harrington has grown into a part of the gang.  

Harrington’s redemptive arc on the show is downright incredible. While he is initially pretty much an asshole with his cold, indifferent attitude and bullying tendencies, the character gradually undergoes a cathartic transformation. 

Towards the end, he shows indomitable courage, kindness and strength. With his iconic and classic ’80s hairstyle, his camaraderie with Dustin Henderson is a focal point of the series. Steve’s cruel exterior gradually crumbles to show his kindness and compassion as he also sheds off his homophobic views and grows tolerant. 

However, Steve Harrington would not have been nearly half as fabulous. Previously, the Duffer brothers wanted to create a typical 80s asshole with popped collars, Ray-Bans and an ultimate grotesque personality. But, after meeting Keery and noticing the breadth of his acting chops, they decided to rewrite the entire character. 

Matt Duffer said, “Once we found Joe [Keery], Steve started to evolve a bit and became more charming and likeable to the point where when we were writing season one, we realised we wanted to give him more of an arc.”

Steve is now regarded as a pivotal part of Stranger Things and that’s all down to Keery’s impressive acting skill.