When will Netflix stream ‘Shameless’ season 11?
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When will Netflix stream 'Shameless' season 11?

Following the series finale of Shameless wrapping up in the United States in April, fans have been wondering when the final season shall arrive on Netflix.

The show is created by Paul Abbott and based on his British comedy-drama series of the same name. It’s been running for almost a decade with 134 episodes to its name. There’s also a six-episode spin-off named Hall of Shame. However, the programme’s final season was delayed by the pandemic, with filming pushed back. 

Fans are desperate to know when the eleventh season shall arrive, and below is everything we know so far about Netflix airing season eleven of Shameless.

When will Netflix stream Shameless Season 11?

What is Shameless all about?

One of the longest-running series on Showtime in the United States, Shameless is a Warner brothers television production that recently wrapped up its eleventh and final season. The series revolves around the dysfunctional and working-class Gallagher family and their escapades as the drunkard, ignorant father fails to take care of his six children with a star-studded ensemble cast. 

Filmed mostly in Chicago, the series starred William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Ethan Cutkosky, Shanola Hampton, Justin Chatwin, Steve Howey and more. 

When will Shameless Season 11 stream on Netflix US? 

The previous seasons have begun streaming on Netflix fairly quickly and usually take around six months. After series nine concluded airing in March 2019 in the United States, it arrived on streaming services in September. Similarly, in 2020, it finished airing in January last year and began streaming in July. 

Since the series finished streaming in the United States in April, the eleventh season should be streaming on the platform in the forthcoming months. Furthermore, the show was not included in Netflix’s September release schedule. Therefore, we can expect the eleventh season to stream somewhere in October or November. 

Will Shameless Season 11 be available globally? 

Globally, Netflix has not yet begun streaming the tenth season of Shameless, which is why it will take some time for the eleventh season to premiere. 

For Netflix UK & Ireland, the tenth season will start streaming from September 1st while airing internationally later this year. With that considered, September 2022 looks like a reasonable presumption for when the eleventh season of Shameless will drop across the globe.