Bear Grylls’ new Netflix interactive special set to be released
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Bear Grylls’ new Netflix interactive special set to be released

British adventurer Bear Grylls embarks on a series of explorations into the wild, often drinking his own urine, finding the nutritional value in elephant excrement and seeking shelter inside camel carcasses. It reminds you of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, right? 

While various controversies surround Grylls, with some claiming that he never ventures out of the studio and the show Man vs. Wild is a big, fat gimmick, we have to give it up for Grylls’ wonderful entrepreneurship. Love him or hate him; you cannot escape him! 

After his first two successful interactive survival series on Netflix, Grylls will star in this third special You vs. Wild: Out Cold, which will be released on Netflix on September 14, 2021. 

With kids as the targeted audience, this is the third instalment of the survival series that began in 2019 and welcomed another addition in 2021, Animals on the Loose

A spin-off series to his popular Discovery Channel show Man vs. Wild, Grylls will again traverse through unchartered, dangerous terrains, trying to adapt to the changing environments and barely managing to survive. 

Directed by Ben Simons, the interactive special is good for a family binge. Bear will survive “a plane crash n the ice ravaged mountains” and soon be “trying to save himself and the pilot from the harsh winter elements” while battling amnesia. 

“Bear will face huge rock walls, freezing dark tunnels and creepy wildlife creatures. He’s in big trouble, and he needs your help to find his friend and get out of danger.”

Based on your choices, the special’s time shall waver between 25 to 45 minutes. After Grylls’ interactive specials and others like Headspace and The Last Kids on EarthYou vs. Wild: Out Cold is Netflix’s 15th interactive special. However, as Netflix aggressively creeps into the realm of gaming, we can expect a lot more interactive specials and gameplay to be hurled at us soon.