A brand new ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ sequel coming to Netflix
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A brand new 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' sequel coming to Netflix

Leatherface has been haunting us in our dreams ever since Texas Chainsaw Massacre hit the theatres, and soon, Netflix will be streaming the same film to scare us all into our beds.

Netflix has managed to bag exclusive streaming rights to the David Blue Garcia-directed Legendary Pictures film, which is a sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic of the same name. 

In the original film, two siblings and their friends go to Texas to visit their grandfather’s grave when they are captured by a cannibalistic family of psychopaths. They struggle to survive against the menacing and terrifying Leatherface and his sick kin and a horrifying set of events ensue. 

The new film will not be taking into account the other spin-offs and will directly take place after the harrowing events of the 1974 flick, beginning with a premise where Leatherface has mysteriously disappeared. 

The film stars Elsie Fisher, Jacob Latimore, Moe Dunford and Sarah Yarkin in major roles.  

Based on Chris Thomas Devlin’s script, this film will mark the second collaboration between Netflix and Legendary Pictures after their first successful team up for the 2020 flick Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown, Helena Bonham Carter, Henry Cavill and more.