When can we expect Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ season 3?
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When can we expect Netflix’s 'The Umbrella Academy' season 3?

Fans will be delighted to hear that the third season of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has finished filming and might be appearing on the streaming platform sooner than they had initially imagined. 

The show was renewed in 2020 for the third season and has been in production since the beginning of 2021. The crew has been filming in Toronto and, with every passing day, the clamour for the next instalment of the series grows.

The second season saw the Hargreeves daily find themselves in a fix and ended with a major cliffhanger. They see themselves preventing the apocalypse which wipes out their history and sees them get replaced by the Sparrow Academy. 

Besides the original cast, new actors will reprise the roles of the members of the Sparrow Academy.  Here is what we know about the release date:

What has the crew revealed about The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

Showrunner Steve Blackman had posted a video on Instagram where the cast expressed their happiness at the conclusion of filming.  

Elliot Page, who plays Vanya Hargreeves aka Number Seven, begins by bidding a bittersweet goodbye. “I’m stoked ‘cause I can’t wait for you to see it and sad because I’ll miss everybody.”

Allison Hargreeves aka Number Three, played by Emmy Raver-Lampman hyped the season up by saying that the fans are hardly expecting so much to unfurl this season and that the third season is their “best season yet”. 

Blackman had also shared the title of the first episode, ‘Meet the Family’ which led to fans speculating that it would most likely be an introduction to the Sparrow Academy. 

The Umbrella Academy season 3 episode titles:

  • ‘Meet The Family’
  • ‘World’s Biggest Ball Of Twine’
  • ‘Pocket Full Of Lightning’
  • ‘Kugelblitz’
  • ‘Kindest Cut’ 
  • ‘Marigold’
  • ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ 
  • ‘Wedding At the End Of The World’ 
  • ‘Six Bells’ 
  • ‘Oblivion’

When will The Umbrella Academy season 3 be released? 

Although they do not have an official release date, the season is most likely to feature somewhere in 2022. The first two seasons had a gap of a year in between and it is most likely that the third instalment will be out by next year. 

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