Watch Netflix’s new incredibly cool ‘Cowboy Bebop’ teaser
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch Netflix’s new incredibly cool 'Cowboy Bebop' teaser

Despite airing just 26 episodes, the 1998 anime Cowboy Bebop had garnered a massive fan following, inspiring two manga series as well as an anime film. In 2017, a live-action reboot was announced, with Netflix gaining the rights to the show in 2018. 

Starring John Cho, Danielle Pineda and Mustafa Shakir, the anime series will be set in outer space, where a ragtag team of bounty hunters try to escape from their past demons while hunting down and battling some of the most dangerous adversaries across the solar system. 

Although a full-length trailer has not yet been dropped, Netflix recently introduced the extremely cool and stylish teaser for the upcoming live-action series. 

The nearly three-minute teaser shows a suave representation of the three main characters who sizzle in the stylish and sexy appeal of the 1970s series. 

The teaser shows the dynamic between the trio and teases the kind of fight sequences that will feature on the show. The teaser derives heavily from the manga and has a distinct set of moving panels. 

With a striking visual representation and colourful panels, the live-action series looks quite promising and has left quite the mark after recently sharing a crucial scene from the show as well as a snazzy and jazzy title sequence.   

While fans are eagerly waiting to see Spike Spiegel, Jet Black and Faye Valentine in action on 19th November, 2021, check out the trailer below: