Netflix shares sneak peek of crucial ‘Cowboy Bebop’ scene
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Netflix shares sneak peek of crucial 'Cowboy Bebop' scene

Despite airing just 26 episodes, the 1998 anime Cowboy Bebop had garnered a massive fan following, inspiring two manga series as well as an anime film. In 2017, a live-action reboot was announced, with Netflix garnering the rights in 2018. Now, the streaming giant has released the snazzy new title sequence for the series.

The anime series will be set in outer space, where a ragtag team of bounty hunters try to escape from their past demons while hunting down and battling some of the most dangerous adversaries across the solar system. 

The team is led by the suave Spike Spiegel, followed by Jet Black and Faye Valentine. Actors John Cho, Mustafa Shakir and Daniella Pineda are going to portray the characters, respectively. They will also be joined by Elena Satine and Alex Hassell.

Netflix has recently shared a special sneak peek into one of the scenes from the upcoming series and die-hard fans of the show will easily be able to identify the scene it is from. The entire anime community is familiar with the notorious Battle of Fallen Angels scene that has been shared by Netflix. 

All Cowboy Bebop fans are familiar with what goes down before this frame. The mad mercenary Vicious disrupts Spiegel on one of his coveted bounty hunts and soon engage in an epic showdown in front of a lovely glass window while their pasts are played out in a series of fleeting montages. 

Fans now know what the scene will look like in the live-action series and are incredibly impressed by the innate attention to detail. While Vicious’ face is indiscernible, John Cho’s conflicted self is reflected on his expression as Spike, mirroring one of the anime character’s. This quashes several fan worries about the series straying away from the anime. 

The show is set to premiere on Netflix on November 19. Check out the scene and the title track below: