The true story behind ‘Murdaugh Murders’
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The true story behind 'Murdaugh Murders'

From decades of power to being subjected to multiple investigations. The renowned and influential Murdaugh family was under constant public scrutiny.

Recently, Netflix dropped a three-part docuseries covering the death of two Murdaugh family members, son Paul and wife Maggie Murdaugh. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal, covers the suspicious events that took place across the last decade surrounding the Murdaugh family. If you love true crime, you have stopped at the right gate.

When Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were found shot, the only person with any motive to kill them was found to be Alex Murdaugh. The well-known injury lawyer was already under the public eye for notorious claims of him being unjustly related to the legal system. From siphoning money to bribing judges, he was under suspicion for all. 

Before getting further into the details, it is important to understand exactly how influential this family has been in South Carolina. After three generations of lawyers and owning massive plots across South Carolina, Murdaugh is a name almost every person in the area was aware of.

They were already involved with a number of cases, from the mysterious and unaccounted death of their housekeeper, who allegedly died of “natural causes”, to their own family members suspecting them of embezzlement. 

One of the first instances that brought some much-needed light onto the family was the boat accident in 2019. Underaged kids, including Alex’s son Paul, were caught in a boat accident where they were found intoxicated. Alongside, one of the six children on the boat went missing for over a week. Paul was under trial for drinking underage while driving the boat and for the death of one of his very own friends due to the accident. 

The allegations don’t end here. Alex himself was suspected of being responsible for stealing $4million in a wrongful death lawsuit. According to the South Carolina Attorney General, Murdaugh is facing approximately 80 charges for embezzlement and other fraud, including stealing money from his clients.

Blanca Turrubiate-Simpson, the Murdaugh family housekeeper, testified that she was asked to wipe down the family home the morning after the killings. Also that Maggie Murdaugh had told her about her concerns about the family’s finances. 

Several pieces of evidence point towards Murdaugh, including the data gathered from Alex’s car and his wife’s phone’s location. According to officials, there are suspects of two gunmen being present at the spot of the crime.

The docuseries is filled with a list of all the surprises that unravelled following the death of Maggie and Paul. One of the most complicated and intertwined cases of the decade. A definite must-watch for any true crime lovers out there. The Scandal of the South is sure to keep you busy this weekend. You can find it streaming on Netflix right here. But first, catch the official trailer for the show here.