Netflix’s new true crime documentary is blowing people’s minds
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix's new true crime documentary is blowing people's minds

Netflix’s latest new true crime documentary, I Just Killed My Dad, has shocked viewers and left them in a moral conendrum.

The mindblowing show, which recently arrived on the platform, and it details the true tale of Anthony Templet, a Louisiana teenager who shot his father in the head in June 2019, over three episodes. After he did the crime, Temple called 911 and admitted: “I just killed my dad. I shot him three times.”

However, investigators discovered there had been no physical battle or found evidence the crime had been carried out in self-defence. Yet, Anthony claims he flipped out after years of severe abuse at the hands of his father, Burt Templet.

“I just want to say thank you to Anthony Templet for doing the world a great service and getting rid of that abusive piece of s***,” one user wrote on social media. Meanwhile, another wrote, “This is some s*** straight outta Wattpad holy hell.” A Twitter user added, “Just watched I Just Killed My Dad on Netflix – soooo insane. That poor boy…”

As the documentary shows, Anthony was eventually granted a plea bargain instead of a manslaughter charge, and fans praised the Louisiana legal system for being understanding of the reasons which made him kill his father.

Watch a trailer for the new documentary below.