The five best acting performances in Netflix Originals
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The five best acting performances in Netflix Originals

Netflix, as a production team, has been expanding their grounds rapidly. From interesting and unconventional narratives to diving deeper into sub-genres unexplored before. The company is trying everything possible to keep one of the classic streamers alive and always in the news.

Along with creating very interesting narratives to investing a lot in production, Netflix originals have not loosened a single bit with the actors they choose and their respective brilliant acting performances. 

Apart from the classics of Stranger Things, Sex Education, Dark, Money Heist, and others alike, this article focuses more on the celebrated performances of actors who have exceeded all expectations. With several new shows lined up for the new year, it is of utmost importance to take a break and look back on all the brilliant ones that Netflix has already blessed the world with. 

Best of Netflix will be focussing mainly on the actors and shows that have been extremely successful and the actors who helped them do so. So without any more delay, let us quickly dive in! 

Five best acting performances in Netflix Originals

5. Julia Garner in Inventing Anna 

Shonda Rhimes created a kind of biographical show based on the life of a fake German heiress who hustled her way through the glittering circle of New York’s richest socialites. She was able to get away with scamming probably everyone, served her time, and is currently making thousands of dollars on art she made and sold while her time in prison.

One thing is for sure this fake German Heiress was sure to make the most of the Netflix original dedicated to her. Actress Julia Garner played the role of this fake socialite, and it is safe to claim that no one could have done it better. The amount of work that went into making this fake character a reality in this biographical series is vividly evident. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, catch Inventing Anna on Netflix now. You can watch the trailer for it here!

4. Uzo Aduba on Orange Is The New Black 

Probably one of the best performances on this list and worth all the ovations it receives. Orange Is The New Black is a classic story of women who have been sentenced to various charges. The series closely captures their lives, their mistakes, and how a criminal has a lot coming with them.

The way society perceives them, and the lack of support within these facilities is brilliantly portrayed by a majority of the all-female cast. Uzo Aduba got several awards for her outstanding performance in the series. She plays the role of Suzanne Warren, famously called ‘Crazy Eyes’ by her prison mates. She is often misunderstood, and her intentions are misunderstood. A true wonder work indeed. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, catch Orange Is The New Black on Netflix now. You can watch the trailer for it here!

3. Jenna Ortega on Wednesday 

Needless to say, ever since Nevermore Academy’s troubles came to light in one of Netflix’s latest series, Wednesday Jenna Ortega has received nothing but praise. She has been working on her acting career and has completely immersed herself in the field. Her determination and consistency are evident in the series itself, where she creates yet another version of Wednesday Addams adored, loved, and praised by everyone.

She played the role in a classic yet original manner, maintaining her own touch and unhindered creativity. Ortega studied her character hard and through to ensure the solid fan base of The Addams’ Family got what they deserve. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, catch Wednesday on Netflix now. You can watch the trailer for it here!

2. Evan Peters on The Jeffrey Dahmer Story 

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has received all kinds of reviews. Some were extremely positive, others not so much. But one thing that both ends of the viewers and critics agree on is Evan Peters has gone above and beyond to bring the eerily similar representation of the real troubled man, Jeffrey Dahmer, on-screen with sheer brilliance.

He is gifted, and he doesn’t shy to prove it. From mirroring the cold-blooded murderers walking patterns to the way he spoke. His performance is one of the many reasons why the show became so popular, and he surely deserves all the praise in the world for all the hard work and sweat put into it. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, catch Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix now. You can watch the trailer for it here!

1. Tom Sturridge on The Sandman 

The Sandman is based on a popular comic series from 1989-1996 written by Neil Gaiman. The author worked relentlessly over the decades to show his work and mimic the visuals from the comic book as precisely as possible. After going through a rigorous selection process, he was finally satisfied with Tom Sturridge to play the dreamy, dark, yet gorgeous role of Dream in his newest Drama series backed by Netflix.

Tom Sturridge has shared everything about his experience working as Dream for this popular Netflix original, and his determination and dedication reflect well in the show itself. From maintaining strict diets to replicating The Sandman of our dreams. Dreams did come true for all the original fans and the new ones. The way he studied his character and how Neil Gaiman guided him through his successful performance is reflected well in the series itself. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, catch The Sandman on Netflix now. You can watch the trailer for it here!