Is ‘Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ Netflix’s biggest hit?
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Is 'Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer Story' Netflix's biggest hit?

Dahmer-Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer Story has been trending in the Netflix charts for almost as long as it has been released. The reason why this true-crime fiction series stands out is for its attention to detail. Real-life conversations have been used in the show verbatim. Alongside, Evan Peters did a truly brilliant job at mimicking the stone-chilling serial killer down to the way he walked.

There has been a considerable increase in the loyal consumer base to true-crime series over recent years. Thus, the increased buzz around this series could also be a result of a constant surge in the audience base for the genre. A slow process, instead of unnature and rapid success. 

The question comes down to whether Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is Netflix’s biggest hit. If we judge on the basis of views, then it is the second-highest hit for the English language shows on Netflix. Right after Stranger Things Season four.

However, given the context, Dahmer is a limited series. And Stranger Things had enough time to build context and connections with characters for quite a while already. Therefore, objectively speaking Dahmer managed to do with one limited series what Stranger Things achieved after four seasons. Other biggest hits include Squid Game and Money Heist. 

Given the current context, Dahmer’s success can be measured up to Squid Game’s. That being said, what made Dahmer so special? That producer did not leave a chance to meticulously research the past of one of the most notorious serial killers called, Jeffrey Dahmer. Creators claim that majority of the show has been presented from the victim’s perspective. Victims include all the people whose lives were affected by Dahmer’s doings. 

The show offers insight into the character of the gruesome murderer. Not as an excuse but as an explanation as to what happened inside Jeffrey’s brain. The show has been difficult for a multitude of reasons. First for the victims to live through it again, and also for families of those affected. Alongside, quite a few scenes involve graphic imagery, which is difficult to accept happened in reality. However, the show gained praise for its brilliant presentation. 

Accuracy plays a huge role in this limited series. According to Forbes, Dahmer has been dominating everything ever since its premiere. Evan Peters and the cast’s outlandish performance reflects through the sheer cleverness in execution when it comes to putting it all together. Although the show has used as much restraint possible when it comes to violence, it still contains graphic and violent elements throughout. Intense is one word that can be used to summarise the experience of viewership for this show well. 

Dahmer has managed to draw in almost everyone to secure its rank in the charts. Whilst contextually placing and comparing it to other big hits on the streamer’s shelves, we notice that it definitely meets as one of the biggest hits ever produced by Netflix. However, possibly not the biggest hit consorting to figures that help us, judge.

Regardless, the show has been produced brilliantly, and there is no contest to the standard of visual storytelling used with inspiration to Hitchcock’s style of filming. Watch Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story now if you missed out somehow. Currently streaming on Netflix! But first, watch the trailer!