The curious case of a fake penis and an ‘Élite’ star’s denial
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The curious case of a fake penis and an ‘Élite’ star’s denial

Élite has recently released its fifth season on Netflix in April 2022. The show features certain steamy scenes, including a sex scene involving actor André Lamoglia who has vehemently denied having used a fake penis while shooting the scene. 

Brazilian actor Lamoglia is a new addition to the cast of this Spanish teen high school drama and plays the role of a new student named Evan who finds himself getting involved with Manu Rios’ Patrick. Soon, they share a raunchy sex scene together. 

Rumour mills were abuzz with the claims that Lamoglia had used a prosthetic penis during the scene. This left the former Disney Channel actor fuming and he hit out at the rumours, debunking them. 

While Lamoglia had admittedly been “worried” initially about filming his first-ever sex scene, he told Hugo Gloss about how the Netflix producers took great measures to make him comfortable. 

While the “team is reduced onset”, Lamoglia also shared, “We have an intimacy coordinator, precisely for those scenes, to make us more comfortable, more prepared, to bring more truth to the scene.”

Talking about how it was “a lot easier to film”, Lamoglia confessed, “I felt really comfortable when I had to do them. I also feel that, as an actor, I’m a little protected by the character because Iván is there, not André Lamoglia.”

He debunked the false rumour about the fake penis, saying, “Lies, lies, lies!” However, he said that the actors wore a “sock” or “a thong” to cover their nether regions while shooting the intimate scenes. 

Lamoglia clarified, “I didn’t do any scenes completely naked.” 

The new cast included Ana Bokesa, Alvaro de Juana, Alex Pastrana, Ander Puig and Carmen Arrufat Blasco, besides Lamoglia. Including Puig was a groundbreaking decision for Élite as Puig is the first-ever trans actor on the show. 

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