Netflix’s ‘Elite’ includes a trans actor in the sixth season
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Netflix’s ‘Elite’ includes a trans actor in the sixth season

For the sixth season of the hit Spanish teen drama Elite, Netflix has announced five new cast members, including a trans actor. This has been perceived as a welcome move by the LGBTQ+ community as well. 

Created by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona, this 2018 teen high school show has questioned and subverted teen drama cliches while talking about important issues, including social injustices, drug abuse, class divides, gender conflicts, financial issues, criminal activities, sexual tension, jealousy, teenage angst and more, set in a high school in Madrid.

Ever since its debut, the show has been praised for its inclusivity, wherein it incorporated a gay love triangle and a lesbian couple within its storyline. 

Season five is set to premiere sometime in 2022, and season six will hit the streamer shortly after that. As of now, Netflix has only announced the additional cast members. 

On January 31st, 2022, the show’s official Instagram account confirmed the addition of five new faces. They include Ander Puig, a rising transgender actor. While the details still remain unknown, it seems like the school will see a new student played by Puig. 

Puig also took to his social media to share the same news. Puig will be joined by Alex Pastrana, Alvaro de Juana, Carmen Arrufat Blasco and Ana Bokesa. 

All four seasons of Elite are now streaming on Netflix. Read everything we know about the upcoming fifth season here

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