The best series to binge this week: ‘Big Mouth’
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The best series to binge this week: 'Big Mouth'

American animated sitcom Big Mouth shares the story of a group of young teens who are going through puberty. The show’s sixth season premiered at the end of this October and has been the talk of the town ever since. And good news for all puritans, the show has been renewed for a seventh season back in April. 

The show is a special one as it discusses a very niche yet not-so-niche topic of puberty and growing up. From heartaches to hormonal changes, from toxicity amongst peers to family issues, the show has discussed all of it. From having a unique script to having a gorgeous script, Big Mouth is here to serve it. 

In the first trailer, Maury and Connie, the two renowned hormone monsters, are seen bickering. Maury rubs cocoa butter on his pregnant belly, and Connie swipes through Instagram stalking her crush. Maury’s pregnancy comes straight out of Big Mouth’s spinoff Human Resources. In the previously premiered spinoff, Maury and Connie officially break the fourth wall to let the audience know that Human Resources indeed works on what goes on in Big Mouth. Check out the first trailer here!

Based on only the whole trailer for the show, Lola (Nick Kroll) and Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) get their DNA results back. Lola finds out she has three fathers, and Jay and Nick (Nick Kroll) continue to find out more about their ancestors.

Weird and quirky, the plot thickens. Season six acts as a homage to all the changes that the initial group of Big Mouth has gone through. How people around them keep affecting, including the new characters added. 

Nick continues to explore his sexuality, and while doing so, he stumbles upon something in his father’s closet. Andrew (John Mulaney) and Bernie are having relationship issues, and Andrew continues to struggle to express himself.

Andrew is additionally also affected by the fading love in his parent’s relationship. Jessi (Jessi Klein), on the other hand, also continues to struggle with her new baby sister and faces issues with her stepmother. 

Missy (Ayo Edibiri) also continues to explore her sexuality. She stumbles upon someone new who surprised her off the bat. On to the relationship between Matthew (Andrew Rannells) and Jay, where the two go on a spiral, and things get to a very sad point after a while. Season six covers pivotal points in every character, including the new ones. Even Maury and Colline are going through ‘changes’. 

Big Mouth has been special for a reason. The reason is that they have managed to candidly handle the serious situations that often alter individuals. The newest season has managed to tackle some of these issues with more poignance.

With educational episodes for any growing teen to issues regarding body image, mental health, and problems with sexuality, everything has been discussed in ways both light and fun. Big Mouth continues to succeed in making relevant satires for what growing teens in the world face every day.

If you have not watched the show’s newest season yet, head over now! For this is exactly what all of us need for the weekend! Big Mouth season six now streaming on Netflix. Watch the trailer for the newest season here. Binge it now!