‘That ‘90s Show’ will not arrive on Netflix in August
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘That ‘90s Show’ will not arrive on Netflix in August

Netflix recently announced that they are producing a spin-off series of the hit sitcom show That ‘70s Show, entitled, That ‘90s Show. The new series will continue the storyline of the original Fox production, reunite the show’s cast members and introduce new characters.

Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp return in their legendary roles as Red and Kitty Forman. Now, they will see themselves play grandparents to Eric and Donna’s teenage daughter Leia, played by Callie Haverda. Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Wilmer Valderrama are all set to reprise their roles in the show as Michael, Jackie and Fez.

As of late July, That ‘90s Show remains in production, so it does not appear likely that the show will hit Netflix in August as it had once been rumoured. Wilmer Valderrama recently shared a photo of the show’s script with the statement, “To whom it may concern… Now, if I could just remember the accent.”

However, none of the other original cast members have shared anything similar on their personal social media accounts, suggesting that the production will continue for at least a while. 

Rumours are now circulating that that show’s filming process is starting to wind up and that the show could air towards the end of 2022, though that date, of course, could shift.

The new spin-off series will see Leia, Eric and Donna’s daughter, spending a summer with Red and Kitty in Point Place, which will give her a taste of what her parent’s teenagehood was like and introduce fans to a new generation of angsty 1990s teenagers.

The Netflix synopsis reads: “Hello, Wisconsin! It’s 1995 and Leia Forman, daughter of Eric and Donna, is visiting her grandparents for the summer where she bonds with a new generation of Point Place kids under the watchful eye of Kitty and the stern glare of Red. Sex, drugs and rock ’n roll never dies, it just changes clothes.”