Terrible thief inspired by French Netflix show ‘Lupin’ robs church near Milan
Credit: Netflix


Terrible thief inspired by French Netflix show 'Lupin' robs church near Milan

A would-be thief has shockingly revealed to the police that he was mimicking the master thief Assane Diop from the French Netflix series, Lupin. The man was caught after a botched robbery of the bar of a church oratory near Milan, Italy.

The man wore a similar style of jacket to the one worn by the protagonist of the hit Netflix show. The 21-year-old, who remains unnamed, said he waited for the church bells to ring, muffling the smashing glass of the door as he broke in on Saturday night. 

According to reports from Italy, he told police he had closely ‘studied’ the techniques of Diop when preparing for his heist. Unfortunately for the man, his efforts were in vain.

After gaining entry to the building, he stole €21 (£18) from the till, and a bottle of fizzy orange from the fridge. An inept robber, he sustained significant injuries to his arm from smashing through the glass door, which were so bad, he decided to call for help after returning home.

Per reports from the Italian press, he initially claimed he’d been attacked and mugged by three mystery assailants. When discussing his ‘ordeal’ to the police, the pressure proved too much and broke down in tears in front of the police, admitting the robbery, saying that Lupin had inspired him.

Possibly the world’s worst thief, the man had already robbed the oratory’s bar a few years prior, which made him a suspect anyway. It is claimed that Italian thieves like to operate using bold tactics, such as Milan’s notorious “acrobat thieves” who were arrested in January. Possibly taking inspiration from this illusive troupe, this wannabe Diop showed none of their ingenuity or tactical nouse. 

Starring Omar Sy as Diop, Lupin was a huge hit after its release. It is rumoured season 3 will be aired at some point in 2022.