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Watch ‘Lupin Part 2’ behind the scenes video to see how the final heist was made

Netflix recently dropped a behind-the-scenes feature for the hit French show Lupin showing how the final heist of the series was made. 

Throughout the series, Omar Sy, known for his starring role in Untouchable, played a master-thief named Assane, who pulls off heists based on the teachings of the infamous novel Arsène Lupin: Gentleman Burglar

With the show confirmed for a third season, Netflix released a behind the scenes clip of how they managed to wrap up the finale of the shows acclaimed second outing. With interviews, discussions of the artistic rationale and insider titbits it offers a fascinating glimpse behind the curtain. 

The show has been a huge hit in its native France, but following the success of season one, it has begun to gather an international audience and scored ever-increasing viewing figures on Netflix. With its high-octane drama, but ineffably stylish production, it is a dream series for fans of the Bond franchise and beyond. 

For those who haven’t yet seen the series, all ten episodes are available on Netflix and season three is expected at some point in early 2022 with pre-production already underway. 

You can check out the thrilling clip below.