Viewers are scarred by this shocking Elizabeth Olsen film on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Viewers are scarred by this shocking Elizabeth Olsen film on Netflix

Netflix users in the United States and the United Kingdom are expressing their views regarding an Elizabeth Olsen film that has reportedly left them scarred for life, as it provides one of the most jarring Netflix experiences around. 

After Park Chan-wook’s 2003 South Korean film Oldboy took the world of cinema by storm, winning the cast and crew several awards, acclaimed director Spike Lee decided to remake the same in 2013, retaining the title. The 2013 film has now begun streaming on Netflix and has waltzed its way into the list of the most-watched films. 

Starring Elizabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Brolin, this jarring and violent film sees Brolin as Joe, an advertising agent, who is kidnapped and held captive for nearly two decades for no apparent reason. He is suddenly set free by his captors and sets out on a mission to avenge himself by finding out the people who ruined his life. 

While cinephiles were pretty bummed about how Lee had allegedly desecrated the original premise of the Korean film, they were pretty taken aback by a huge twist towards the end of the film that serves as a game-changer. Lee had defended his work by calling it a “reinterpretation” and not a simple remake. 

Although it tanked at the box office, the film has resurfaced on the streaming platform and generated quite the buzz. This was not Brolin and Olsen’s final collaboration as the duo were seen together as a part of the ensemble cast films of Marvel Cinematic Universe, namely Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, among others, as Thanos and Scarlet Witch.

Viewers have had a pretty harrowing experience given the dark overtones and the gruesome violence nestled within the film as well as the vile intentions of people in the world that add to the ominous premise.

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