Spike Lee signs a multi-year partnership with Netflix
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Spike Lee signs a multi-year partnership with Netflix

One of the most important living filmmakers, Spike Lee is an incredibly crucial artistic voice whose works have translated the power and the problems of the Black Community to the cinematic medium in an incredibly effective manner. Over the years, Lee has made masterpieces such as Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X which are now considered to be indispensable parts of the American tradition of filmmaking.

Last year, Lee released his latest project Da 5 Bloods on Netflix which became one of the greatest artistic endeavours of the year. The film revolved around four Black Vietnam War veterans who make their way back to the country to get their hands on gold but are met with the violence of their history instead.

Lee was especially proud of the film because it connected with the demographic he was targeting. “A black Vietnam vet who saw the film, said, ‘Spike, what the fuck took you so long?’” the director recalled. He claimed that the only validation he needed was that Black and Brown veterans who saw Da 5 Bloods loved his work.

Netflix has now announced a multi-year partnership with Spike Lee, after other collaborative projects such as She’s Gotta Have It and Rodney King. “There is no better way for me and my company 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks to begin the new year than renew our partnership with Ted Scott and Tendo – da fearless leaders of Netflix,” Lee declared.

The filmmaker will serve as a producer on projects made by exciting new Black artists and he will also make new films himself. According to latest reports, Lee is currently working on a new musical about the origins of the erectile dysfunction pill Viagra which will probably be released on Netflix as well after this new deal.

Watch the trailer for Da 5 Bloods below.