Watch the new teaser trailer for ‘Sex Education’ season 3
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Watch the new teaser trailer for ‘Sex Education’ season 3

One of Netflix’s most critical and commercial success stories, Sex Education, is gearing up for the release of its third season on September 17, having recently released a comical spoof advert for Moordale Secondary school.

The latest series sees familiar faces Asa Butterfield (Otis Milburn), Ncuti Gatwa (Eric Effiong) and Emma Mackey (Maeve Wiley), each back to reprise their respective roles. Though, the latest series will see some significant newcomers too, including Jemima Kirke, known for her role in Girls, who will play the latest Moordale headteacher, ‘Hope’. Joining Kirke is Dua Saleh as Cal, a new student who clashes with authority, Jason Isaacs as Peter Groff and Indra Ové as Elsie’s foster mum Anna.

The synopsis for the latest series reads, “It’s a new year, Otis is having casual sex, Eric and Adam are official, and Jean has a baby on the way”.

Continuing, it also adds, “Meanwhile, new headteacher Hope (played by Jemima Kirke) tries to return Moordale to a pillar of excellence, Aimee discovers feminism, Jackson gets a crush and a lost voicemail still looms. Prepare for commitment animals, alien phenomena, vulva cupcakes and much more of Madam Groff”. 

In the clip linked below, we are taken on a tour of the pupils of Moordale Secondary school, each as uncomfortable as the last in front of the camera, it all leads to a climactic shot of Mr Groff (Alistair Petrie) peering at the production team from behind a shrub. 

The latest sneak peek at the new series comes after Sex Education costume designer Rosa Dias, teased a “massive” climax to the end of the third season. “When you see series three, the end of it is really quite interesting,” she said. “Whatever happens in four, if it happens, wow – the writers have got a challenge. They’ve got a massive challenge on their hands”. 

Take a look at the new trailer below.