‘Sex Education’ actress says the series “has to come to an end”
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‘Sex Education’ actress says the series “has to come to an end”

Netflix’s Sex Education season three was one of the most highly-anticipated drops of 2021 and gained huge viewership, earning the streamer massive revenue. Following the success of the third season and the renewal news regarding an upcoming fourth season, fans have been waiting to see what the show has in store. 

While the show deals with a lot of raunchy yet educational stuff that might make a little awkward family binge session, the wide range of characters help heighten the emotional quotient and adds relatability to the show. 

Besides Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey starring in main roles as Otis and Maeve, 26-year-old BAFTA-winning actress Aimee Lou Wood also plays the character, Aimee Gibbs. 

Despite various misunderstandings with Maeve, she manages to forge a friendship with her, and together they become an iconic duo. In the third season, Aimee has a pet goat and attends therapy with Otis’ mum, Dr. Jean Milburn due to her struggle with intimacy. 

While Wood, 26, spoke about how she knew “basically nothing” about the fourth season narrative, she is admittedly “confused” about the story arc as the school, now sold to developers as informed in the third season, would now be “gone”. 

Much to the chagrin of dedicated fans, Wood has emphasised how the show will “have to come to an end” soon. 

She said, “We’re going to have to because I’m fast approaching 30. We could go to uni, I guess, but I don’t particularly want to be playing a fresher when I’m 45.” Talking about how it is important to “leave them wanting more”, she said, “Always end on a high instead of having people go, “I really wish they would stop.”

Although she is unaware of the storyline for her character, she hopes to see them “flourish” as the characters are finally maturing in the third season. She concluded by saying, “I hope they’re going to continue to flourish because I felt like they were growing up in season three.”

As per the recent casting call, two new enigmatic characters are to be included in the show. 

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