Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ star shares “embarrassing” season 3 story
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Netflix’s 'Sex Education' star shares "embarrassing" season 3 story

Netflix’s Sex Education season three was one of the most anticipated drops of this year and has already gained massive viewing numbers. The Ruby-Otis ship is sailing and star Mimi Keene, who reprises the role of Ruby Matthews, recently spoke to Digital Spy about a scene that was too “embarrassing for her to film”. 

While the show deals with a lot of raunchy yet educational stuff that might make a little awkward family binge session, it was a scene involving weed that Keene found challenging to shoot. 

In a scene where Ruby had to roll a joint, Keene revealed that it was “a really close-up shot” and doing it with Ruby’s “very long nails” was indeed taxing. 

She fiddled with the entire process and described her predicament. “I’m doing this, and I’m trying to look like I’m really good at it because I’m trying to roll the end and tear it off.”

Keene revealed the secret behind filming that scene. “There were so many shots where I’m trying to – and I just ripped the whole thing,” she said, before adding, “I was like, ‘Oh, for god’s sake.’ And then, in the end, I just had it in one hand and then pretended it was there. It was a little pretending.”

Keene found it “embarrassing” and “funny”. However, she stated that since it had been a “long day” and most of the people were “a bit delusional”, things turned out fine.

Just like Keene, co-star Aimee Lou Wood, who plays Aimee on the show, found it insanely difficult to control Folly the goat. Lou-Wood revealed that the fate of their schedule in a day would be “dependent” on Folly’s mood. 

“Because honestly, I had no control over that goat. And I didn’t want to. I wanted her to lead the way. But that did also mean that it took up a lot of time,” she explained.  

Now that we know some of the crazy behind the scenes details, will we ever be able to look at the scenes the same way ever again? 

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