This ridiculous error on Netflix’s Stay Close is driving away viewers
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This ridiculous error on Netflix’s Stay Close is driving away viewers

Netflix’s latest release Stay Close has been quite the hit on a streamer. However, a “ridiculous error” is proving to be a massive obstacle in the way of its success as it is driving away viewers and becoming a “turn off” for them. 

The eight-episode series revolves around Cush Jumbo’s Megan, a devoted mother previously a pole dancer named Cassie at the Vipers nightclub. The club becomes the venue for a murder investigation that also affects Megan and her family. During this process, the detectives also stumble upon the operations of a deadly serial killer.

The series stars Cush Jumbo, Richard Armitage, James Nesbitt, Sarah Parish, Bethany Antonia, Eddie Izzard and more. Based on Harlan Coben’s novel, the series launched on Netflix on December 31st, 2021, and shot up to the top of the charts. The book is set in Atlantic City, but the showrunners gave it a North Western twist. 

The locations include St Helens Dream Sculpture near Wigan, Silver Jubilee Bridge in Halton, former nightclub Shorrocks Hill in Formby and Manchester’s Impossible Bar. However, a peculiar error in geography is costing the show big time as northern viewers cannot make sense of how these locations are all next to one another, despite the show being set in a fictitious part of the country. 

Taking to Twitter, one of the users said, “Watching the first episode of Stay Close on Netflix and a character just drove over Runcorn bridge, turned right off Blackpool Prom onto Talbot Road and ended up at the dream sculpture in St. Helens. I think she needs to get a sat nav.”

Others have blamed the odd jumble of locations for distracting them from the plot, turning off their interest in the series altogether. One such eagle-eyed viewer said, “There’s some big plot holes in Stay Close on Netflix. One of the characters has just driven over the Runcorn Bridge through Blackpool and ended up at The Dream in St. Helens. Not buying it.” 

The show has, however, gathered quite a number of rave reviews. Cush Jumbo has also gone through plenty of ordeals to learn pole dancing which has not been a pleasant experience for her. 

Watch the trailer of the series below: