‘Stay Close’ writer Harlan Coben teases new Netflix show
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‘Stay Close’ writer Harlan Coben teases new Netflix show

After the star-studded show Stay Close began streaming on Netflix last week, the writer Harlan Coben, who also wrote the novel the series is based on, has teased another new Netflix show to be helmed by him. 

Coben is quite popular as many of his novels have already been adapted into television series, and some of them will now be an integral part of the five-year deal between him and the streaming service. 

Besides Stay Close, Coben has also adapted The Woods, The Stranger, Gone for Good and The Innocent. The author has now said that there are more shows on their way. Talking to DigitalSpy, he said, “This will be the sixth show that I’ve made with [Netflix], and a seventh is coming sometime next year, we’ve just finished filming in Poland.”

Talking about how the streaming giant and its people have been “great collaborators”, Coben said that it “has been really fun to be able to do the international stuff”. Having worked in “four or five different languages”, he still has “plans for at least two others” in the pipeline. 

Stay Close revolves around Cush Jumbo’s Megan, a devoted mother who was previously a pole dancer named Cassie at the Vipers nightclub. The club becomes the venue for a murder investigation that might disrupt the stability of this suburban mom’s family that she desperately needs to protect. 

While pole dancing might come across as quite glamorous, Jumbo recently opened up about how it is a really difficult thing to master. 

Talking about how “hard” it is, she said, “I said to Harlan that I wanted to kind of get it right, and I hadn’t intended to just have my head superimposed on a really good body double. Maybe that might have been better but I actually haven’t seen the dancing yet, so I don’t know how it came out!”

However, she agreed that it was really “fun” to learn despite her legs being “completely battered” and the whole ordeal being “not glamorous”. 

The rest of the cast includes Richard Armitage, James Nesbitt, Sarah Parish, Bethany Antonia, Eddie Izzard and more. 

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