Huge fan petition has been launched to restore ‘Bridgerton’ deleted scenes
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Huge fan petition has been launched to restore 'Bridgerton' deleted scenes

Last week, Netflix premiered the second part of the third season of Bridgerton, the period romance series that first debuted in 2020. The series was initially received with great success, currently sitting at number three in the series rankings on Netflix. However, some fans have been left disappointed by the final cut of the show. 

According to some fans who were able to view advanced copies of the new series, multiple important scenes from the advanced version have been cut from the final release. Netflix has not, at the time of writing, given any reason or justification for this editing-out of scenes, but it seems likely it was done for runtime or relevancy. 

In response, fans of the series have launched a petition, calling upon the streaming service to recut part two of series three to include these deleted scenes or release the deleted scenes to the public separately. Seemingly, the petition takes issue with the apparent lack of romantic or intimate scenes between the characters of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. 

“We’d like Netflix to do Polin justice,” the petition reads, “by either releasing the deleted scenes separately, or releasing an extended cut. The latter should definitely be possible, considering Netflix has already set multiple precedents in the past”. 

To date, the petition has amassed over 55,000 signatures, which shows that many fans feel similarly disgruntled by the lack of romance in the new series. However, when taking into consideration the fact that the series amassed 6,900,000 views on Netflix this week, that number of signatures feels somewhat less impactful.

According to the petition, the various scenes that were cut from the final release of the series include a long, intimate montage between the couple, which eventually culminates in Colin Bridgerton “going down” on Penelope Featherington. The petition also highlights an “angry kissing scene” and a moment in which Bridgerton is “kissing [Penelope’s] neck and being playful” as scenes that have been wrongfully omitted from the final product. 

At the time of writing, neither Netflix nor Shondaland – the production company behind Bridgerton – have given any public comment about the petition, so it is unclear whether fans will ever be able to witness these intimate deleted scenes.