Nicola Coughlan asked to be “very naked” in ‘Bridgerton’ scene
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Nicola Coughlan asked to be "very naked" in 'Bridgerton' scene

Ever since it first premiered, Bridgerton fans have come to expect plenty of steamy scenes from the period drama, and Nicola Coughlan was more than happy to pick up that baton and run with it.

Having been a part of the show since the very beginning, the actor was elevated to lead status in season three, with the main narrative arc following her Penelope Featherington and Luke Newton’s Colin Bridgerton, with their relationship having been affectionately dubbed ‘Polin’ by the viewership.

The stars knew there was plenty of expectation for the moment they finally got down to classic Bridgerton business, with the carriage scene having already taken on a life of its own after going viral on social media following the arrival of the third run’s first half last month.

Unfortunately, with the internet and social media being what it is, Coughlan has had to contend with trolls, haters, and body-shamers trying to tear her down. Thankfully, she couldn’t care less what the detractors have to say, having revealed that she worked closely with the creative team on her most salacious moments.

In an interview with Stylist, Coughlan reflected on her most memorable Bridgerton moments from the most recent season, and opportunity she not only relished but seized with both hands in an effort to silence her small-minded critics once and for all.

“You go, ‘OK, what do I want to show? What don’t I want to show? What’s scripted, and what do I want to add?,'” she said of the process for developing the scenes in question, before sharing that she’d “specifically asked for certain lines and moments to be included.”

“There’s one scene where I’m very naked on camera, and that was my idea, my choice,” she continued. “It just felt like the biggest ‘fuck you’ to all the conversation surrounding my body. It was amazingly empowering. I felt beautiful in the moment and I thought, ‘When I’m 80, I want to look back on this and remember how fucking hot I looked!”

Needless to say, Bridgerton‘s captive audience were fully in agreement with Coughlan’s appraisal of her own scenes, with the third season continuing to underline the romantic drama as one of the streaming service’s flagship episodic originals.

It’s always a sad thing when the trolls try their hardest to be heard, but Coughlan simply wasn’t in the mood to entertain them.