Pete Davidson responds to Kanye West at Netflix comedy festival
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Pete Davidson responds to Kanye West at Netflix comedy festival

On Friday, Pete Davidson recently performed two comedy shows at Netflix Is A Joke Festival in Los Angeles. The stand-up comic addressed Kanye ‘Ye’ West’s consistent harassment for the first time in public and even compared the situation to the recent Oscars 2022 controversy regarding Will Smith’s infamous slap incident. 

After Davidson began dating West’s now-estranged wife Kim Kardashian, the rapper lost it and began spreading weird rumours about the comic, even making an eccentric music video where he decapitates Davidson. West also took to Instagram to post private screenshots of their messages and other targeted insults that were later called out by fans and celebrities alike, including Trevor Noah

Titled Pete Davidson and Best Friends, the shows took place at Fonda Theatre in LA, where the comedian opened his set by talking about the weird year he had so far, thinking he had AIDS when the rapper alleged the same. Hilariously talking about how Ye is “a genius”, Davidson said that West’s rumour scared him into believing it was true while tests said otherwise. 

The comic also references West’s ‘Easy’ music video where West decapitates Davidson’s claymation avatar, comparing it to the infamous Oscars night this year when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for joking about Jada-Pinkett Smith’s alopecia. 

Davidson spoke about how he went for a basketball game in 2021 with Chris Rock and Jon Stewart, following it with a quip about how nothing had changed, except “Chris got slapped, I got decapitated,” subtly warning Stewart to watch out for potential dangers. 

After addressing fan concerns regarding his views on long-time friend Jack Harlow collaborating with Ye, he joked about West hopefully pulling a Mrs Doubtfire someday. Mrs Doubtfire is the lead character in the eponymous Robin Williams film, where Williams disguised himself as a nanny to grow closer to his kids in his ex-wife’s home. 

Davidson, however, did not make direct references to his girlfriend Kim and kept making other witty jokes before introducing Carly Aquilino, Giulio Gallarotti, Neko White, Derek Gaines, Joey Gay, and Dave Sirus and Jordan Rock for their sets. He then introduced Machine Gun Kelly to close the festival on Friday. 

The Saturday Night Live star has recently made his red carpet debut with Kardashian at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner hosted by Trevor Noah this Saturday.  

Davidson will soon be seen voicing the upcoming Netflix animated feature, Marmaduke.