Paris locals graffiti protest of Netflix show: “Emily fuck off”
(Credit: Netflix)

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Paris locals graffiti protest of Netflix show: "Emily fuck off"

Parisian locals have graffitied a set of locations used for Emily In Paris filming to protest the Netflix show.

The series has proven divisive, with some growing tired of the French stereotypes that have largely involved smoking, general rudeness, and berets across the seasons.

The series follows Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, an American who moves to Paris to join a marketing firm. One piece of graffiti found in Paris simply described her character as “shit”.

As first shared by the MailOnline, images show a shoe shop covered in the words: “Emily fuck off,” adding: “South Paris is not yours.”

The shoe shop supposedly resides in the same square as Cooper’s in the show and is not the only location to have been vandalised.

Similar messages are tagged across the square, including a water fountain and a local cafe – which now bears the warning: “Emily not welcome.”

Although the Latin Quarter’s Place de l’Estrapade has become a booming tourist hotspot since the show’s inception, locals are not happy with the Emily in Paris-oriented fascination.

Visitors and fans of the Netflix show were referred to as “l’invasion des imbéciles”, translating to “the invasion of the morons”.

As confirmed by Collins on Instagram, the series has begun filming for season four the month. “Did someone say Saison Quatre?!” she asked her 28.4million followers.

“Finally reunited with my @emilyinparis fam back in Paris and it feels so good.” Clearly, a few of the locals disagree.