The most annoying characters on Netflix
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The most annoying characters on Netflix

Netflix has a wide variety of content to offer across all genres. With a surprising amount of Original content being produced for both films and TV shows, it is safe to assume that Netflix Studios is doing a brilliant job. 

Over the last few years, a lot of Netflix shows have garnered a massive fan following due to their complex character-driven narratives, stellar cinematography and brilliant production. While all-time favourites such as The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Game of Thrones etc., have had various character ranking polls, Netflix has produced brilliant characters that are layered and exude unimaginable depth. 

However, quite a few characters from these shows, both Netflix Originals and other sitcoms, have managed to incur viewer attention for all the wrong reasons. While some are utter hypocrites and maniacal liars, others are narcissistic, ignorant and self-obsessed. 

Here is a list of five such annoying characters on Netflix shows: 

5 most annoying sitcom characters on Netflix 

5. Emily Cooper – Emily in Paris 

Emily Cooper is goofy and ditzy and Lily Collins does a brilliant job of adding a certain kind of vibrance to the character. However, this adorable woman is not very likeable once we get into the show. She is clueless and ignorant of French culture. A stereotypical foreigner, she is an utter embarrassment to the Americans. Her lack of interest in learning the language and lack of enthusiasm for crossing these barriers make her increasingly frustrating. 

Although we feel sorry for Emily at the end of the third season, it will not be too long before she gets together with Gabriel methinks. She even lies to Camille in the first season which makes us dislike her. Her uber-American approach to all-things French has been criticised by one and all. 

4. Sherry Conrad – You season 3 

Portrayed by Shalita Grant, Sherry Conrad appears in the third season of You as the Queen Bee of the new neighbourhood Joe Goldberg and his psychotic wife move to for a fresh start. A scheming gossip, she manages to disguise her feelings of insecurity and envy with a warm and welcoming facade. Sherry never misses out on an opportunity to gain publicity or pass snarky remarks to make one feel inferior. 

With her equally narcissistic husband, Sherry believes in keeping up appearances. They engage in a very unwitting foursome with the Goldbergs which almost leads to their death. Honestly, seeing the Conrads in a cage, despite us loathing Joe Goldberg, is one of the most satisfying moments of the season. 

3. Clay Jensen – 13 Reasons Why 

Clay is a shy, introverted, quiet guy who does well in school and remains pretty aloof. However, Clay suffers from heavy bouts of Nice Guy Syndrome which makes him only care about himself and his needs and he puts that before others, sometimes even compromising their safety. Clay does have a very hard time coping with the various obstacles in his life. However, Clay’s quick-thinking skills are pretty stunted as he lets his egotistical side shine through. 

While he tries to emerge as the hero by investigating Hannah baker’s suicide and trying to bring justice to her, one cannot ignore his subtle and hurtful slut-shaming comments directed toward Hannah. He is an utter hypocrite who oscillates from being in love with her to sneering at her.

2. Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

Entitled, egotistical, arrogant and self-obsessed, Sheldon Cooper’s PhD, Sc.D., 187 IQ and Nobel Prize cannot redeem his condescending attitude. Jim Parsons does a wonderful job of making Sheldon appear as the single most obnoxious character on the planet with hsi annoying quirks and looming presence. A genius since birth, Sheldon’s lack of social skills and bizarre personality is a focal point of the show, but retrospectively, they are not funny. 

Sheldon has really offensive opinions about women in science, about his friend Penny’s career choices and academic knowledge as well as other fellow scientists’ achievements. Sheldon is insufferable, envious and self-centred which is enabled by the show under the garb of eccentricity. The age-old stereotype of an eccentric genius is however debunked by Sheldon’s unforgivable nature, making him the most annoying sitcom lead. 

1. Ross Geller – FRIENDS

Ross Geller is the most obnoxious and toxic character of the 1990s. Portrayed by David Schwimmer, Ross is a palaeontologist by profession and flaunts his PhD like there’s no tomorrow. His fragile male ego and insecurities add to his increasingly unlikeable character. Ross is the human epitome of red flags as he displays his homophobic, inherently misogynistic nature. From mocking his lesbian wife to preventing Rachel from hiring a male nanny for their daughter, from cheating on Julie by kissing Rachel to encroaching on Rachel’s private space as a jealous boyfriend, Ross is simply unbearable. 

Ross is extremely narcissistic and he does not think twice before pushing someone else under the bus to maintain his image. He never stands up for his sister Monica while the latter is constantly being ridiculed by their equally obnoxious parents. ross ‘ low self-esteem and insecurities are in contrast to his god complex; he loves projecting his worries onto others while constantly reinforcing how smart he is. Talk about male fragility!