‘Ozark’ star on season 4 cliffhanger: “I was in shock”
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘Ozark’ star on season 4 cliffhanger: “I was in shock”

Netflix has recently released the first volume of the Emmy-winning show Ozark season four on January 21st, 2022. It ended on a major cliffhanger that left fans flabbergasted. Talking about the same, actor Alfonso Herrera said that he was admittedly shocked by the finale. 

Starring Herrera, Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Julia Garner, Sofia Hublitz, Charlie Tahan, Skylar Gaertner, Felix Solis, Lisa Emery and Janet McTeer, this seven-episode series also featured Killer Mike as an additional cast member.   

In the season, Herrera is seen as Javi Elizonndro, Omar Navarro’s nephew and the successor to the Navarro drug cartel. He shoots the newlyweds Wyatt and Darlene in the series finale, portrayed by Tahan and Emery respectively. 

The action was quite unexpected, even to Herrera who “was in shock” after reading the scene from a fan’s perspective. However, he spoke about how he was “very excited to see the arc of this [Javi] character” as the actor. 

Hererra added, “The last scene, it’s very potent, it’s very explosive.” Herrera also found it pretty challenging to shoot the scene and even “hugged” the victims prior to filming; after all, it was also the first time he was meeting them. 

Allegedly, he told them, “I don’t know if I have to say this is an honour, or I’m just sad, but it’s a complete pleasure to work with you and to be with you in this process.”

The actor also talked about the “heartfelt goodbye” meted out to the duo after they finished filming the scene that left them “emotional”. 

Opening up about the second half of Ozark season 4, which will see seven more episodes to bid goodbye to the Byrde family narrative, Herrera promised hordes of unexpected surprises. 

Herrera called the experience “mind-blowing”, continuing, he said, “If you think that Javi is someone that you cannot read and you do not expect how he’s going to react, what’s going to happen next is that times 20.”

While the second half will premiere sometime towards the end of 2022, watch the first volume of Ozark season four on Netflix now.