Netflix’s ‘You’ cast tease details about season three
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Netflix’s 'You' cast tease details about season three

Netflix’s popular show You will be premiering its third season next week on October 15, 2021, and fans are pretty hyped about it. As the countdown for the show begins, cast members have started to tease details about what to expect.

The third season of You will feature a lot of new faces as Joe Goldberg and his girlfriend, Love, move into a new house, become new parents to a baby boy and more madness and chaos ensue as the psychopathic couple come together to live under one roof. 

Joining Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley are Travis Van Winkle and Shalita Grant as Cary and Sherry Conrad, Love and Joe’s wealthy neighbours. The stars have recently spilt details regarding one of the most claustrophobic scenes from the upcoming season. 

The actors teased a scene in the upcoming show where they had to “endure” claustrophobia. Van Winkle told DC Film Girl, “I don’t really enjoy being too close and like having things too close.”

 “I do remember rehearsals having to really dial in that this is what it is and I’m going to have to like get over it,” he added. “And I think I did for the most part but it’s still not my favourite thing.”

Furthermore, he admitted having a problem with claustrophobia, yet, he noted how the sanitation was too “exciting” and the setting “iconic”, which meant that he managed to pull through. 

Although he did not reveal much about the scene, fans are waiting for the same with bated breath to locate the exact sequence he is talking about.

The third season will see Joe and Love moving to a wealthy and posh neighbourhood to raise their child, where Love will end up befriending Sherry, who is a popular “momfluencer”. Sherry will introduce Love to her elite circle despite harbouring feelings of envy towards the latter, threatened by her presence. 

On an apparent level, Sherry has the perfect life with a massive fan following. Meanwhile, her own blog and podcast is the ultimate mom to a pair of twins. Her husband is successful too as the owner of a well-performing supplement company. However, he befriends Joe as well. 

With the entry of the psychopathic couple into their lives, Cary and Sherry will see their lives falling apart. The third season will include ten riveting episodes. Watch the trailer below.