Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ creator Gerard Way on making graphic novels
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Netflix’s 'The Umbrella Academy' creator Gerard Way on making graphic novels

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has garnered quite a fan following with its quirky and dysfunctional set of siblings trying (and spoiler alert: comically failing) to save the world from an impending Apocalypse. The show comprises a ragtag group of heroes trying to keep it all together with a diverse range of characters. 

Starring Tom Hopper, Elliot Paige, Robert Sheehan, Aiden Gallagher and more, the third season is scheduled to commence filming in August. While we patiently wait for the third season to premiere, let us take a look into what the creator of the eponymous graphic novel, Gerard Way, has to say about his creative process.

Do not be surprised when we tell you that this is the same Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. The co-founder and lead vocalist of the band, Way, is artistically talented with an inclination for music. A graduate of fine arts from the New York City School of Visual Arts, Way has dallied in every avenue of creative expression. 

Graphic novels and comic books have amassed huge popularity for generations. According to Way, Hellboy was one of his earliest inspirations for The Umbrella Academy. Way told Vulture, “I was reading Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. I thought to myself, This is a horror comic, but it’s not a horror comic at all. And I thought there was nothing like that for superheroes.”

He added, “I started drawing these characters backstage. … ’cause you have so much time to kill on the road. Let’s say you’re playing at 8 o’clock at night. You’re just sitting there all day, so I just started drawing them. I wrote down a list of interests that I had — everything from seances, tarot cards, fortune tellers. Just all this stuff.”

Although the Hargreeves siblings and their idiosyncratic ways of saving the world have helped them avert the crises, the third season will promise to be even more daunting. If it follows Way’s third graphic novel Hotel Oblivion, we can expect even crazier action, madness and high-strung family drama. 

Season two ended with the siblings being replaced by the Sparrow Academy, and now we are eagerly waiting to see what the third season has in store for us.