Netflix’s ‘Red Notice’ fans cannot stop talking about this scene
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix’s ‘Red Notice’ fans cannot stop talking about this scene

Netflix’s newest heist film Red Notice — starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds — was released last week and has a record number of streams. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, the “biggest” film that Netflix has ever made is getting mixed responses, ranging from utter disappointment to hilarious delight. 

The heist film sees the trio getting tangled in an exciting chase where Johnson and Reynolds as FBI agent Hartley and conniving art thief Nolan Booth, respectively, get tangled in high-strung action with Gadot’s sultry and smart Bishop. 

While some have been critical of the palpable awkwardness among them, some have showered Black Adam, Deadpool and Wonder Woman with praises for the undeniable amusement and crack they bring in with them. However, there is one particular scene that fans seemingly cannot get enough of. 

Johnson and Reynolds have tried to sync their humour, often missing the point, yet managing to pull through, thanks to Reynold’s goofy and sarcastic self. In one such scene, they are in a prison kitchen wearing hairnets. However, Reynolds quickly points out that Dwayne is bald and has no hair! 

Fans have had heartwarming responses to their bromance. In various scenes, Reynolds has been seen asking Johnson if he loves him while the latter frustratedly answers: “I hate you!”

Fans on Twitter have had hilarious responses to this scene with some seriously questioning why Johnson wore the hair net. 

Reynolds, too, took to Twitter to thank fans for their unbelievably positive response. Check out his tweet below, as well as the iconic scene: