Netflix’s ‘My Name’ actress Han So-Hee talks potential season 2
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Netflix’s 'My Name' actress Han So-Hee talks potential season 2

Netflix’s brand new action-noir Korean series My Name, starring Han So-Hee in the lead has garnered quite the buzz, living up to the expectations and defying others. Recently, the actress shared her thoughts regarding a potential renewal to the series for a second season. 

Directed by Kim Jin-min following his collaboration with Netflix on Extracurricular, the film deals with a woman named Yoon Jiwoo who takes up a job as an undercover cop to avenge the death of her father at the hands of a criminal faction. 

Jiwoo becomes the snitch in the police force under the alias name and goes to extreme lengths to reach enact revenge while stumbling upon unwelcome truths.

As Jiwoo, the 26-year-old actress shed off the potential demure female character image to adopt the new ruthless and badass persona, balancing her thirst for vengeance well with her raw vulnerability. 

So-Hee said that if there would be a second season, she would probably die as there was not much to be shown. Jiwoo exacts revenge from the man who betrays her father in the series in the final episode. “I don’t know what I have left to show. I think I’d have to develop superpowers,” she said. 

However, she teased fans by saying, “Since she found out that her father was a police officer, wouldn’t there be more story to her relationship with Cha Gi-ho?”

Jiwoo had spent the series thinking that Gi-ho was responsible for her father’s murder when it had been a close associate of his Choi Mu-jin who killed him after being shocked by the revelation of Jiwoo’s father was a police officer.

Han So-hee has done a brilliant job in the action sequences, having done most of them on her own, adding raw authenticity to the series. She has also credited her western influences. While talking about why she chose a series like My Name with such a gory premise, she had some interesting details to share. 

“It was quite sudden. I wasn’t looking for an action genre project specifically, but I always wanted to do a script in which a female character led the project by herself,” she revealed.

Filming had not really been a cakewalk due to the high-strung action sequences. Han admitted that despite there not being severe injuries, she “did get hurt”. However, her indomitable spirit allowed her to “endure” and persist. 

After Squid Game’s mind-boggling success on Netflix, there was a lot of pressure on My Name to live up to the standards. Rest assured, the series fared well, cushioning both the actress and the director as some of the pioneers of the current Korean wave that has taken the world by storm.