Netflix announces two ‘Red Notice’ sequels with Ryan Reynolds
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix announces two 'Red Notice' sequels with Ryan Reynolds

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, the 2021 Netflix film Red Notice had incurred a divisive response where some were absolutely in love with the goofs and visuals while others deemed it the worst heist film ever

However, the film garnered insane revenues for the streamer and thus Netflix has renewed the film for two back-to-back sequels that will be directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber.   

Thurber has reportedly started working on the script and is keen to bring back the three actors in a new format that will also feature a series of new cast members. It seems like he has been inspired by the likes of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise to build an ensemble heist film. 

In this mockbuster, the trio gets tangled in an exciting chase where Johnson and Reynolds, as FBI Agent Hartley, and conniving art thief Nolan Booth, respectively, get tangled in high-strung action with Gadot’s sultry and smart Bishop. 

While some have been critical of the palpable awkwardness among them, others have showered Black Adam, Deadpool and Wonder Woman with praises for the undeniable amusement they bring in with them. 

People have also been loving the delightful scenes that display Reynolds and Johnson’s platonic and heartwarming bromance. Reynolds’ goofy and sarcastic nature is in contrast with Johnson’s sardonic and stoic self, adding a new dimension of hilarity to their shared scenes. 

Being one of the most expensive films ever made by the streamer, the film also had the biggest opening day and became Netflix’s number one film.

Ahead of the release of its sequels, stream Red Notice on Netflix now.