Netflix testing Fast Laughs and comedy shorts for its TV app
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Netflix testing Fast Laughs and comedy shorts for its TV app

According to The Verge, Netflix is currently testing out the Fast Laughs feature for the television app. After launching it for the mobile application last year, the streamer wants to let the television users have the same experience. 

Following the format of TikTok videos, Instagram reels and the like, the Fast Laughs will be a vertical feed of 30-second videos that will act as promos for shows and films. It will help viewers understand and decide the new content they want to view on the platform. 

It will save the viewers hours of doomscrolling through the streaming service to decide their next binge. 

Only the English-speaking countries, namely the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand, can currently test the feature. It is not available on the kids’ profiles but only for adult users. 

The Fast Laughs will be a collection of funny comedy shorts curated by the Netflix staff and will thus be devoid of individual personalisation. 

In the testing phase, the Fast laughs section is available at the bottom of the homepage, where one can tap on the arrow on either side to browse through the following clip or return to the previous one. 

Users will also have the autonomy to react to the clip using a ‘LOL’ button. Currently, clips from Army of the Dead, Big Mouth, a Jerry Seinfeld stand-up special and more are available for viewing. 

The vertical format shorts must be charming and enticing enough to catch the viewer’s immediate attention and lure them into watching a particular title. 

Since the whole procedure is in the testing phase, Netflix is yet to reveal the official date for the availability of this feature worldwide.