Zack Snyder’s Netflix sequel to ‘Army of the Dead’ film confirmed
(Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix)

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Zack Snyder’s Netflix sequel to 'Army of the Dead' film confirmed

Zack Snyder’s upcoming Netflix sequel to the Army of the Dead film is titled the Planet of the Dead. The filmmaker has just revealed the title to Inverse while talking about the course the series is going to take. 

The sequel film will possibly also see the return of one of the major characters from Army of Thieves. Matthias Schweighofer’s Ludwig Dieter, the expert safecracker from the film, will come back according to Snyder’s game plan. 

Talking about the ambiguous ending of Planet of the Dead, he said,”The real adventure would be to see what happened to [Ludwig] when that safe door closed. Did he get killed by Zeus or not? What happened? We don’t see him die on camera, and there’s still some time left.”

He further added, “I won’t tell you what happens in Army of the Dead 2 — aka Planet of the Dead — but let’s just say that there’s a chance Dieter survives.”

The ending that Snyder refers to sees Ludwig apparently making a brave sacrifice by keeping Vanderhone from the wrath of the zombie lord Zeus. However, we never see Ludwig dying at the hands of Zeus that might still hint at him being alive. 

Stream of Army of Thieves now to see what the string of effects Ludwig’s decision ironically triggered.